Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ocean Perch Provencal

Delicious summertime food! 
     There are many different versions of Provencal style recipes that I cook.  The traditional provencal with no tomato is one of them.  This tomato Provencal version is rustic and full of complex flavors.  Brandy is used in this provencal recipe instead of wine.  Basically, modern Provencal is a representation of the available food that is native to the southern French Provence region.  Tomato is found in most modern provencal sauces.
     Recipe:  Heat 2 pats of unsalted butter and a small splash of olive oil in a saute pan over medium high heat. 
     Dredge 2 4 ounce ocean perch filets in flour. 
     Saute the perch on both sides, till they are almost fully cooked. 
     Set the filets aside on a plate.
     Heat a 3 pats of unsalted butter in a saute pan over medium heat. 
     Add a 2 chopped garlic cloves.
     Add a chopped small shallot. 
     Saute till the chopped shallot turns clear. 
     Add about a tablespoon of chopped onion.
     Add about a tablespoon of chopped leek. 
     Add a small handful of chopped red and green bell pepper. 
     Saute the vegetables lightly, till they are almost al dente.
     Add about 1 cup of peeled and seeded diced plum tomatoes.
     Add 3 pinches of  Herbs Du Provence.
     Add a pinch of cayenne pepper.
     Add sea salt and black pepper. 
     Add 2 pinches of chopped Italian parsley.
     Add 3 chopped fresh basil leaves.
     Add a squeeze of lemon juice. 
     Add a generous pour of brandy.
     Return the sauteed perch filets to the sauce in the pan. 
     Reduce the sauce gently over medium heat.  Reduce till the sauce is not "watery" looking and the perch becomes fully cooked.
     Use a spatula to set the perch filets on a plate.
     Drizzle a dash of virgin olive oil into the provencal sauce in the pan. 
     Stir the sauce. 
     Spoon the sauce over the perch filets. 
     Serve with buttered bliss potato wedges and sauteed thick sliced small portabella mushrooms. 
     Garnish with a basil sprig.
     This provencal version is abundant with herbs.  The brandy flavor adds a nice rustic touch.  Provencal sauce goes well with the light flavor of perch.  The flavors of this recipe are classically yummy!  ...   Shawna

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