Sunday, November 28, 2010

Almond Mahi Mahi with Chile Mango Chundo Sauce and Dill Couscous

Almond Mahi Mahi with Chile Mango Chundo Sauce Recipe:  Dredge a split Mahi Mahi filet in flour seasoned with sea salt and black pepper.  Dip the floured filets in egg wash.  Lay the egg dipped filets on almond slivers and sprinkle almond slivers on the egg washed filets. 
     Heat a splash of olive oil and unsalted butter in a saute pan over medium heat.  Place the coated filets in the hot pan while gently shaking the pan so they do not stick.  Saute the filets till they turn a golden color.  (It is necessary to flip the filets a few times to keep the almonds from burning.) 
     Drain most of the grease from the saute pan then add a little water, white wine and a squeeze of lemon juice.  Let the sauce simmer and flip the fish filets so both sides finish cooking. 
     Place the Almond Mahi Mahi filets on a plate. 
     Heat some Spicy Chili Mango Chundo Preserves and a little splash of water till a thin sauce is formed.  (You can buy the spicy chili mango chundo in an Indian Market in a jar as "Mango Chundo."  If you make it from scratch then it is made like a simple chutney using firm green mango and dried mango.)  Pour the sauce on and around the mahi mahi. 
     Dill Couscous Recipe:  Boil some couscous, sea salt, black pepper, turmeric and chopped fresh dill in a little bit of light chicken stock over medium high heat.  The couscous only takes minutes to fully cook.  Place the couscous in a mold and invert the couscous onto the plate. 
     A medley of vegetables of your choice is nice to serve with this entree too. 
     The almond nutty flavor with the sweet spicy chili mango chundo is so very tasty!  Store bought Mango Chundo is a high quality product that saves time in the kitchen.  The flavor of mahi mahi goes very well with this preparation.  Dill couscous is refreshingly light too.  I love cooking great seafood!  Yum!  ...   Shawna

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