Saturday, November 27, 2010

Penne e Melanzane Salsa Pomodoro

This is an easy, New York Italian red sauce pasta to make!  The eggplant makes this pasta very light on the tummy. 
     Salsa Pomodoro Recipe:  Sizzle chopped garlic and fine chopped onions in a good amount of olive oil.  (The olive oil proportion should be about 1/10 of the volume of the tomatoes.)  Add a sprinkle of crushed, dried red pepper. When the onions turn clear, add equal amounts of good quality canned imported Italian crushed plum tomatoes and hand squeezed canned imported whole Italian plum tomatoes in their own juices.  (When hand squeezing tomatoes, pour the can into a mixing bowl and squeeze till no big chunks remain)  Add a little oregano, sea salt, ground black pepper and a good amount of chopped fresh basil.  Pour a glass of dry Italian red wine or French Cabernet into the sauce.  Heat the sauce till it starts to bubble and turn to simmer.  (Never cover the pot of an Italian tomato sauce!)  Slow simmer the sauce and stir once every five minutes for 4 hours.  Scrape the sides of the inside of the pot into the sauce too.  That stuff is full of flavor!  After 4 hours, the flavors have melded and the tomato sauce has a true body. 
     Recipe:  Saute chopped garlic in olive oil over medium heat.  When the garlic turns to a golden color, add some thin sliced, bite size pieces of peeled eggplant.  Add a little sea salt and pepper.  Cook the eggplant till tender and slightly caramelized.  Add some salsa pomodoro.   Add al dente cooked penne pasta and toss the sauce and pasta together.  Set the pasta on the plate and sprinkle some fresh fine grated parmesan cheese on top. 
     This is a simple, delicious, healthy pasta!  The wine in the background is 2004 Domaine Chateau Cabezac French table wine.  It is a great wine for this pasta!  Yum!  Ciao Baby!  ...    Shawna

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