Saturday, November 27, 2010

Refritos Negros Tostadas

     When I was a kid, tagging along with my grandfather who managed a fine Mexican restaurant in Southern California was a learning experience.  California Mexican food was different in those days.  Tostadas were always made with corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas.  This is a basic old style tostada that has some great flavor from the refried black beans.
     Recipe:  Pan fry 2 corn tortillas with oil over medium high heat.  Fry the corn tortillas till they become crisp and flat.  Set the fried tortillas on a dry towel to drain off the excess grease.
     Spread some warm refried black beans on top of the crisp tortillas.  (Reheat some quality canned refried black beans with a splash of water over medium heat to prepare the refritos negros.)
     Sprinkle some grated cheddar cheese and grated queso fresco on top of the beans.
     Place the tostadas on a baking pan.  Bake the tostadas in a 350 degree oven till the cheese melts.  (Do not brown the cheese!)
     Sprinkle shredded romaine lettuce on top of the tostada.
     Sprinkle tomato salsa on the lettuce.  Drizzle some hot chili sauce on the salsa.
     Place a dollop of guacamole in the middle of the tostada.
     Put a dab of sour cream on top of the guacamole.
     Garnish the sour cream with green onion slices.
     Garnish the plate with romaine leaf, escabeche fresca and cilantro sprigs.
     Note:  The guacamole, tomato salsa, and escobeche fresca recipes are in my previous two blogs posted on 11/27/2010 in the Pollo Mole' y Pepitas recipe and the Chile Seared Ahi Tuna, Fried Plantain, Tortilla Salad recipe.
     This is a nice, real old fashioned tostada!  I should know, my grandfather ran the oldest traditional Mexican restaurant in the oldest building in Southern California.  The old historic San Gabriel jail house.  I learned Mexican food early in life.
     That thing!  LOL That thing that they call a tostada at those fast food Mexican places is not the best tostada you will ever see!  My old fashioned tostada is hot, fresh, pretty, tasty and healthy!   Mexican food is great summer time cuisine that you can be creative with.  Yum!  ...    Shawna

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