Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ginger Kale Soup with Mushroom Ham Wontons

The Ginger Kale Soup is a traditional caribbean soup.  It is delicious on its own.  I felt like adding a little something to it that would compliment the flavors.  Mushroom Ham Wontons fit nicely in this soup.
     Recipe:  Boil some chicken broth in a sauce pot.  Add a generous amount of minced ginger, a little bit of minced garlic, sea salt, black pepper, chopped scallion, chopped onion, a pinch of allspice and some chopped green kale leaf.  Let the soup simmer till the kale is tender.  Fine chop fresh mushrooms and ham.  Add sea salt and black pepper.  Set a little of the mushroom ham mixture on a wonton wrapper.  Brush the edges of the wonton wrapper with egg wash.  Fold to a triangle shape.  Put the wontons in the soup.  Simmer for 2 minutes.  Ladle the soup into a bowl.
     The heat of the broth will cook the mushrooms in the wontons.  This is a soothing, delicious and healthy soup!  Its a great soup for a cool day or a hot one.  Kale is a mild cabbage flavor when cooked.  The basic flavor of the wontons add a new twist to this traditional soup.  Yum!  ...    Shawna

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