Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jellyfish, Wild Rice and Enoki Miso Soup

Jellyfish?  Yes, jellyfish!  The health benefits of jellyfish are amazing!  Iodine is a well known anti cancer and thyroid requirement.  A steady diet of food with a high content of iodine has stopped cancer growth and has cured people of cancer in the past.  Edible jellyfish have more iodine content than nearly any fish in the water.  Edible yellow boleti mushrooms have a similar jellyfish iodine flavor.  Jellyfish is an acquired taste and the iodine flavor may remain on the palate through the next day.
     I first saw jellyfish on a menu at a Las Vegas Chinese restaurant in China town.  On their menu, jellyfish was simply sauced with squid.  The dish sounded interesting!  The goose intestine menu item looked good too.  I ordered curried fish meat balls, but my interest in jellyfish grew from that point on.  Chinatown in Las Vegas is known for truly authentic Chinese cuisine.
     Recipe:  Boil some American wild reed grain rice till al dente and set it aside when it is done.
     Make a ten minute dashi broth with edible kelp and sun dried sardines.  Strain the dashi then discard the fish and seaweed.  Return the dashi broth to the pot over medium heat.  Add a dash of soy sauce, a dash of sesame oil, a little bit of minced garlic and minced ginger.  Add white pepper, sea salt, the cooked wild rice and diced reconstituted dried jellyfish.  (Soak dried jellyfish in water overnight in the refrigerator.  Turn heat to simmer.  Stir in some miso paste.  Add a few fine julienne sliced snow peas.  Ladle the soup into a bowl.  Lay some fresh enoki mushrooms and thin sliced green onion on top of the soup.
     The iodine taste from the jellyfish is pleasing.  The American wild rice is a reed grain with a nice flavor and texture.  This is some very healthy cooking! ...  Shawna

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