Sunday, November 28, 2010

Egg, Ham, Parmesan Herb Polenta Breakfast Napoleon Stack with Cayenne Scallion Bechamel

Herb Polenta Recipe:  Boil some water and a little bit of unsalted butter. Add a mix of chopped basil, oregano, marjoram, tarragon, sea salt and black pepper.  Slowly add corn meal while stirring constantly till the mixture just starts to thicken.  Turn down the heat to medium.  Stir till the polenta is "creamy."  Add some grated parmesan cheese and stir till mixed.  Spoon the polenta into a star tipped pastry bag.  Keep the polenta warm on a stove top. 
     Breakfast Napoleon Stack:  Grill some small ham slices in unsalted butter over medium heat in a saute pan till they are lightly caramelized. 
     Poach an egg in gently boiling water and sea salt. 
     Cayenne Scallion Creme Recipe:  Make a little bit of butter and flour blonde roux over medium heat in a sauce pot.  (Just make a small amount.  Use equal parts flour and unsalted butter.  Constantly stir till a blonde color and hazelnut aroma develops.)  Add some milk, cayenne pepper, white pepper and sea salt.  Stir till a light  bechamel cream sauce is formed.  Add chopped scallion to the sauce. 
     Assembly:  Pipe a little silver dollar size dab of the polenta on the center of the plate.  Set the grilled ham slices on top of the polenta.  Pipe more of the polenta on top of the ham and make a flat top to set the egg on.  Set the egg on top of the polenta.  Spoon the cayenne scallion cream around the Napoleon stack of polenta, ham and egg.  Garnish with green onion slivers. 
     This was a truly great breakfast!  Why eat corn flakes when you can have this!  Don't put too much cayenne in the cream sauce or it will have too much spicy bite.  The polenta is thin while hot, when it cools a little, it does become firm.  This is a great combination of flavors to elegantly start a day!  Yum!  ...  Shawna

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