Friday, November 26, 2010

Petite Marmite Soup

This is a simple chicken stage of a pot au feu recipe.  This is old traditional French cooking.  A pot au feu is started by stewing chicken to make the broth.  The chicken is usually removed and eaten before the other stewing meats are added.  Petite marmite soup is the pot au feu broth and vegetables after the chicken was removed. 
      I posted a finished pot au feu recipe in my blog a few days ago too.  If you have a clay cooking pot then use it for this recipe and serve the Petite Marmite in the same pot.  If not, then cook it in a regular pot.  Recipe:  Heat some chicken broth and vegetable broth together over medium high heat in a sauce pot.  Add chopped garlic and a pat of unsalted butter. 
     Add a small amount each of these diced vegetables:  onions, celery, carrots, cabbage and turnips. 
     Add a pinch each of these herbs:  thyme leaves, marjoram, 1 bay leaf, sea salt, black pepper and chopped fresh dill. 
     Simmer slowly on the stovetop over medium heat or place it in a 350 degree oven.  Cook the soup till the vegetables are tender. 
     Serve the soup in the clay pot or in a soup bowl.  Garnish with dill sprigs. 
     This is a meatless Petite Marmite version and is well liked by French Cafe diners I have cooked for.  If you wish, add pork short ribs, veal shanks, lamb neck bones with meat, sausages, dry cured bacon and chicken pieces to the soup, and bake slowly in an oven to make it a true stewed pot au feu.  The vegetable mix remains the same when meats are added.  I like the plain vegetable version sometimes.  Petite Marmite Soup is savory and healthy! ...  Shawna

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