Friday, November 26, 2010

Filet of Sole Princess

This sole recipe is so lady like and refined!  This is a popular fine dining entree in yacht clubs and restaurants.
     Make a hollandaise sauce and keep warm.  (I posted a hollandaise recipe in the 11/26/2010 Eggs Benedict recipe.)
     Peel and trim a few petite white asparagus spears.  Heat olive oil and unsalted butter in a saute pan.  Dredge sole filets in flour.  Dip the sole filets in egg wash.  Dredge the sole filets lightly in the flour once again.  Saute the sole filets over medium high heat.  Flip the filets.  Cook the sole till it is just golden colored.  Season with sea salt and white pepper.  Add some dry white wine and a squeeze of lemon juice.  Add the asparagus spears.  Cook the spears in the pan juices.  Simmer till the asparagus spears are cooked al dente.  Set the sole filets on a plate.  Place the asparagus spears on top of the sole filets like a crown.  Pour the hollandaise over the asparagus spear stalks and sole filets.  Serve with boiled Yukon Gold, Yukon Bliss and Purple Peru potato medley.  Place braised kale leaf seasoned with unsalted butter, sea salt and black pepper on the plate.
     There are other recipes for the princess preparation that are more authentic.  This blog entry is a basic sole princess comfort food recipe.  Delicious!  ...  Shawna

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