Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Filetti Di Pollo alla Sophia

I learned this recipe while working in a northern Italian restaurant several years ago.  I never found out which Sophia this recipe was named after.  This recipe was Veal Sophia on our menu.  The alla Sophia preparation is nice with chicken too. 
     Very few Italian fine dining restauants have chicken on the menu.  In the old days of fine cooking in Italy, there was no refrigeration.  So chicken was not exactly fresh by the time that the afternoon dinner was served.  In fact, the unrefrigerated chicken would spoil rather quickly.  Some of the great Italian chefs that I worked with with would say "yuck" when chicken was mentioned.  Those Italian chefs loved to cook eggs and not chicken.  Even though in America, chicken is very fresh at a market.     
     Recipe:  Cut 2 petite butterflied split chicken breast filets.  Dredge the filets in flour.  Dip the filets in egg wash.  Dredge the filets in flour again.  Saute the coated filets in butter and olive oil over medium heat. 
     Flour and egg dip 2 very thick slices of peeled eggplant.  Saute the egg dipped eggplant with the chicken in the same saute pan.  (Don't flour the eggplant a second time like the chicken.) 
     Flip the chicken and eggplant a few times so they cook evenly.  Season with sea salt and white pepper.  Add a little chopped garlic to the pan but do not let it brown.  Add white wine and a little bit of tomato paste. 
     Reduce the sauce a little bit. 
     Add a splash of milk and cream. 
     Simmer and reduce the sauce slowly over medium low heat till it becomes a light medium consistency. 
     Assembly:  Set the chicken filets on a plate.  Set the eggplant on top of the chicken filets and pour the sauce over. 
     This is a fine flavored entree.  It is a light, lady's Italian entree.  The rosa sauce is so fine of a flavor with chicken and eggplant!  This is an Italian Veal preparation that I adapted to chicken.  Use veal cutlets to make this recipe if you prefer veal.  Serve with oven roasted potato and carrots.  Yum!  Ciao Baby!  ...     Shawna

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