Sunday, November 28, 2010

Farfalle with Ham, Peas and Cracked Black Pepper Parmesan Creme

This pasta has a classic basic flavor combination.  Peas and ham are very nice with a peppery parmesan creme. 
     Recipe:  Boil some farfalle pasta in water over high heat till they are cooked al dente.  Drain the water off of the pasta and cool the pasta under cold running water. 
    Lightly saute some diced ham with unsalted butter over medium heat in a saute pan.  Set the cooked diced ham aside. 
     Reduce some cream and grated parmesan cheese over medium heat while stirring.  Reduce the sauce to a thin sauce consistency.  Add a little bit of coarse fresh ground black pepper. 
     Add a few peas and the cooked diced ham.  Add the farfalle pasta and toss the sauce and pasta together. 
     Put the pasta on a plate with a little fresh coarse ground black pepper sprinkled over the top. 
     This is a very simple pasta that is full of nice texture and flavor!  It needs no garlic and you should never salt a fine cheese sauce.  The sauce should just cover the pasta and not flood the plate.  This is a nice classic flavored, easy to cook pasta entree!   YUM!  ... Shawna

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