Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shirred Egg and Sole a la Renee

This is a fantastic, elegant breakfast that is so delightful!  This is a creation I made in honor of a girl friend who is battling and conquering leukemia.  Wish her well!  I guess I still have an artists creative touch with my cooking when I am inspired. 
     Phyllo Recipe:  Cut some phyllo dough sheets into 6 inch squares.  Carefully brush both sides of each sheet with melted butter and drape each sheet on top of each other on a buttered circular mold.  About 8 or 9 sheets will be enough.  (I used a tiny empty chopped olive can that was set on top of an upside down souffle dish for the mold.)  Bake the phyllo flower cup in an oven at 350 degrees till golden colored.  Remove from the oven and let cool.  Do not disturb till the recipe assembly.  The phyllo pastry is easily broken. 
     Creamy Dill Whipped Potato Recipe:  Boil a peeled potato till soft.  Drain off the water.  Add a splash of cream and a couple of unsalted butter pats.  Add a little bit of chopped fresh dill weed.  add sea salt and white pepper.  Mash and whisk the potato mixture till it becomes very smooth.  Spoon the creamy dill whipped potato into a star tipped pastry bag.  Keep it warm on top of a stove top. 
     Recipe:  Split a sole filet in half lengthwise and use the longer, thicker top filet half.  Form the sole filet strip into a circle like a ring mold and fasten the ends together with a tooth pick.  Set the filet circle in a buttered warm saute pan over medium low heat.  Drop a little egg white in the center of the fish circle to seal the bottom of the fish ring mold forming a cup.  Put the remaining egg white into the sole filet circle cup.  Place the unbroken egg yoke in the sole "cup".  Drizzle melted unsalted butter over the egg and sole.  Bake in a 350 degree oven till the egg and sole are cooked.  (This only takes a few minutes.  The sole will fully cook.  The egg will shirr a still be loose on the yoke. ) 
     Assembly:  Remove the saute pan with the sole cupped shirred egg from the oven.  Remove the tooth pick carefully. 
     Pipe a small silver dollar size column of Creamy Dill Whipped Potato on the middle of a plate with a star tipped pastry bag. 
     Set the baked phyllo dough flower cup on top of the mashed potato. 
     Carefully and gently use a spatula to move the shirred sole and egg cup into the center of the phyllo dough flower. 
     Paprika Gruyere Cheese Sauce Recipe:  Reduce a little bit of cream in a sauce pot over medium heat.  Add sea salt, cracked black pepper and a generous amount of paprika.  Reduce the sauce till a thin consistency sauce is formed.  Add some grated Gruyere Cheese and stir till silky smooth. 
     Spoon a little of the sauce in the phyllo flower around the egg and sole. 
     Spoon a little sauce around on the plate. 
     Garnish with scallion slivers and dill sprigs.  The sole is very mild in flavor and not "fishy" at all.  The gruyere paprika sauce is very complimentary to all items on this plate.  A little creamy dill mashed potato for breakfast is a refreshing break from greasy home fry style potatoes.  The flower cup is impressively pretty!  I never cook a boring breakfast item!  Wish you well Renee! ... Shawna

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