Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ginger Malanga Kale Soup

Malanga or Yautia are two names for the same tropical root vegetable.  Malanga is similar to Taro root but it has much more flavor.  It is known as cool root or sweat root too.  Malanga has a chemical in it that causes a very light misty sweat on your skin.  That light sweat makes you feel like it is 10-20 degrees cooler on a very hot day!  That is a blessing in tropical heat.  I know this well after living over 20 years in the tropical Gulf of Mexico. 
     I cooked this soup at a Florida English Pub for Irish customers who were potato soup lovers.  They kept asking "What kind of potato is it ?"  They loved it!  Everybody was feeling chilly from the light sweat effect of the malanga too.  Some of the customers started sneezing!  LOL  Good old Malanga Yautia! 
     Ginger Malanga Kale Soup Recipe:  Boil some chicken broth.  Add a little bit of chopped celery, some peeled and diced malanga root, a little bit of chopped onion and some chopped green kale leaf.  Add a little bit of minced garlic and a generous amount of minced ginger.  Add sea salt, black pepper and a small squeeze of lime juice. 
     Simmer till the diced malanga is cooked tender.  Ladle into a soup bowl. 
     Taste and enjoy one of the great flavors of the tropics!  Ginger kale soup is a very traditional caribbean soup.  It was a natural to add the flavorful malanga root to ginger kale soup.  Yum!  ...   Shawna

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