Thursday, November 25, 2010

Meringue Crisp with Pears and Brandy Walnut Caramel

This dessert is a little bit French euro in style.  It is an excellent flavored dessert that is easy to make. 
     Recipe:  Make a stiff meringue with 2 egg whites, a pinch of creme of tartar and a little bit of sugar. 
     Gently place the meringue in a star tipped pastry bag. 
     Pipe the meringue into a round shaped shallow Creme Caramel baking mold.  Bake slowly at 180 degrees till crisp and light brown.  (You can bake the meringue at 150 degrees if you prefer a white colored crisp.)  The baking time is over four hours.  The meringue will be very dry and cooky crisp when done baking. 
     Arrange some thin slices of peeled pear around on a plate. 
     Set the meringue in the middle of the plate. 
     Boil a little bit of water, some sugar, a few chopped walnuts and a splash of brandy together in a small sauce pot over medium high heat. 
     Reduce till the sugar slightly caramelizes to an amber color. 
     Add another small splash of brandy to loosen the syrup.  Stir the dessert sauce. 
     Spoon the walnut pieces over the pear slices. 
     Pour the brandy caramel syrup over the meringue and pears. 
     This is an easy, eye pleasing dessert that takes very little finesse.  The flavor is sweet and fabulous!  Walnuts, brandy and pears are a classic combination.  The crunchy meringue crumbles in chunks like a crisp cookie.  Be sure to use the meringue crisps shortly after baking.  If you let meringue crisps set in humid air, they will draw moisture and be as tough as rubber.  I made the meringue from some leftover egg whites that I had from a hollandaise sauce recipe.  This is a nice tasting dessert! ...  Shawna

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