Monday, November 29, 2010

Haitian Stewed Oxtail with Corn Meal Mush and Pigeon Peas

This dish is so savory and tasty!  A few Haitian cooks that I have worked with liked to make this recipe for their own dinner occasionally.  I later had a Haitian room mate who cooked the same oxtail recipe for dinner one night.  For a very simple plate of food, the flavor was exceptionally great!
     Recipe:  Saute these ingredients with butter in a sauce pot over medium heat:  chopped onion, green onion pieces and green Scotch Bonnet pepper.  (A green habanero is a good pepper to use too.)  Add oxtail pieces and brown them a little on all sides.  Cover the oxtails with a light beef broth.  Add black pepper, sea salt, bay leaf and bring the broth to a boil.  Turn the heat to low.  Let the oxtails simmer till they are tender and sauce is reduced to a rich glace.
     Boil water, corn meal, sea salt and black pepper for corn meal mush.  Constantly stir the corn meal mush till it is smooth and thick.  Add a spoonful of the oxtail broth.  Load the corn mush into a star tipped pastry bag when it is done cooking.
     Boil pigeon peas in water with sea salt and black pepper till they become tender.
     Set the oxtails on a plate and pour the pan glace over them.  Pipe the corn meal mush onto the plate.  Spoon some pigeon peas onto the plate.
     This dish is spicy hot from one Scotch Bonnet pepper.  The flavor is so unreal!  Oxtails that are slowly stewed give an incredible flavor to the pan juices.  The oxtail meat should easily pull away from the bone.  The corn meal mush is traditionally served with this oxtail recipe.  This entree is so very deep with simple flavor!  This is not glamorous caribbean cooking, but this oxtail entree is a very nice tasting plate of food!  Ya Mon!  ...  Shawna

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