Friday, November 26, 2010

Chile Rellenos

Chile Rellenos are great for an appetizer or breakfast.  This is Mexican fine cooking! 
     A grandfather of mine managed a great Southern California landmark Mexican restaurant when I was a kid.  It was located in the old historic jailhouse by the San Gabriel Mission.  The jailhouse was the oldest historic building in Southern California.  You could dine and look up through the timbers with grape vines growing on them and see the stars at night!  A TV cooking show came to the restaurant specifically to feature the famous Chile Rellenos being cooked.  Some great Chile Rellenos were cooked in that restaurant.
     Recipe:  Roast a whole oiled poblano chile in the oven or on a char grill.  Cool the chile.  Remove the skin, seeds and stem.  Cut the chile in half. 
     Place thin sliced queso fresco in the chile and fold the chile over the cheese so the chile is completely covering the cheese. 
     Heat some frying oil in a high sided sauce pot to 360 degrees.  (The high sided pan helps when frying and the oil must be two inches deep.) 
     Separate two eggs into yoke and whites.  Whisk the whites till a stiff meringue is formed.  Fold the egg yokes back into the meringue to make a batter. 
     Spoon the half of the batter into the oil making a small round island while gently shaking the sauce pan back and forth.  (The shaking makes the flat egg island become shaped like a cup.  Do not shake the hot oil over top of the eggs!)  Place the poblano chili and cheese in the center of the floating egg island.  Pour the remaining batter over top of the chile and egg island completely sealing in the chile.  Let the chile rellenos cook for a minute.  Shake the pan so the hot oil splashes over the top of the egg island.  Flip the chile rellenos over in the hot oil with a spatula.  Let it cook for a minute.  Use a spatula to remove the chile rellenos from the hot oil and then set it on the center of a plate. 
     Garnish the plate with salsa verde, red chile sauce, diced tomato, sour cream dollops and sliced green onion.  (Good quality canned or bottled sauces are fine for this dish.) 
     The flavor of roasted poblano is mild and deep!  Queso fresco is the best cheese to make this chile rellenos recipe.  The queso fresco weeps milk when it is warmed.  Chile Rellenos is a delicious, eye pleasing dish!  ...   Shawna

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