Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Medallions of Lotte Lautrec

This is a simple elegant recipe! 
     Lotte is also known as monkfish in English.  The sauce was named after the French Painter Toulouse Lautrec.  Monkfish is a deep water fish that has a lobster flavor and texture.  The Lautrec mint creme is perfect with monkfish! 
     Recipe:  Cut a monkfish filet into thick medallions and season them with sea salt and pepper.  Pan sear both sides of each medallion in butter and oil over medium heat till fully cooked.  Arrange the monkfish medallions on a plate. 
     Reduce a splash of white wine in a sauce pot over medium high heat till it is almost a syrup consistency.  Add a splash cream, sea salt, white pepper and fresh chopped mint leaves.  Reduce the sauce till it becomes a light sauce consistancy. 
     Spoon sauce around the monkfish medallions onto the plate. 
     Serve with brown rice, julienne buttermilk battered eggplant frites, pimiento and peas. 
     The eggplant sticks are simply dredged in flour, then dredged in buttermilk and finally dredged in curry powder seasoned flower and then fried in 360 degree oil. 
     The mint is far from overpowering and it is a very delicate flavor in the creme sauce.  The sauce caresses the monkfish flavors very nicely.  This is such a refreshingly simple entree.  Delicious!  Shawna

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