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Buffalo Salisbury Steak with Roasted Shallot Glace Viande and Parsnip Scallion Creme Potato

     This style of cooking and presentation comes from my Mobil and Michelin star rated French Haute Avante Garde cooking days.  We cooked unbelievably great French comfort food for a post 9/11 menu that was meant to "ease the tension in the air" after the traumatic events of 2001. 
     Over 2500 employees were laid off at that gulf coast resort, within 2 hours after the events of 9/11 took place.  Three hours later I was hired at that resort as the chef du roti or "roundsman" because of my experience. 
     The comfort menu was a very great success!  The style of that French comfort cuisine inspired me to create this Buffalo Salisbury Steak Recipe.
     If you ever had to endure those really awful school cafeteria Salisbury Steaks, then this recipe will change your outlook of the reputation of this entree.  If you have ever thought that the flavor of aluminum foil was part of a Salisbury Steak recipe, because you got stuck with a Salisbury Steak frozen TV dinner that a baby sitter cooked for you, when you were a child, then you will change your mind about Salisbury Steak after tasting this recipe!  Most of you know as well as I do, Salisbury Steak deserves a better reputation! 
     Ground lean buffalo (American Bison) was my top choice of meat to raise the limits of Salisbury Steak to being a much sought after entree!
     Meat Stock Recipe:  Place veal bones, lamb bones, beef bones, pork bones, meat scraps into a large roasting pan.
     Add a few dollops of tomato paste.
     Add a mirepoix of some rustic un-peeled chopped carrot, celery and onion. 
     Bake the mixture in a 350 degree oven, till the bones and vegetables caramelize to a dark brown color.  (Do not roast the mixture till it turns black!) 
     Stir the mixture occasionally, so it roasts evenly. 
     After roasting, place the bones and mirepoix in a stock pot. 
     Deglaze the roasting pan with water, while scraping the fond that is stuck to the pan with a spoon.
     Add the pan jus to the stock pot. 
     Cover the bones with water.
     Bring the liquid to a boil over high heat.
     Reduce the temperature to medium low heat.
     Add a handful of parsley stalks.
     Simmer the stock pot for at least 4 hours. 
     Add water occasionally to cover the bones. 
     Strain the stock through a fine mesh sieve. 
     Discard the bones and vegetables. 
     Skim the grease off of the top of the meat stock. 
     Let the meat stock set, till the sediment settles to the bottom of the container. 
     Carefully pour the the clean meat stock into a cecond container and leave the sediment in the first container. 
     Glace Viande Recipe:  (Meat Glaze)  Place the meat stock into a sauce pot over medium high heat.
     Add a small bouquet garni of bay leaf, thyme, chervil and marjoram. 
     Reduce the meat stock by half. 
     At this point, the meat stock shoul be thick enough to glaze a spoon.  If it is not rich enough, reduce the meat stock till it can glaze a spoon.
     Strain the glace viande through a fine mesh sieve.
     This is a very rich glace viande that can be frozen in portions for later use. 
     Set the glace viande aside.      
     Parsnip Scallion Mashed Potato Recipe:  Boil a peeled Russet potato in water over high heat. 
     In a saute pan, blanch a handful of peeled parsnip slices in water and with 3 pats of unsalted butter over high heat. 
     Allow the water evaporate in the parsnip pan.
     Reduce the temperature to medium heat.
     The butter and parsnips will be sizzling in the pan at this point. 
     Saute and toss the parsnips, till golden colors appear. 
     Drain the water from the soft cooked potato. 
     Add the braised parsnips to the soft potato. 
     Add a splash of cream.
     Add 4 pats of unsalted butter.
     Add sea salt and white pepper. 
     Mash and whisk the parsnip potatoes till they are creamy and smooth. 
     Stir in 2 to 4  thin sliced green tops of scallion . 
     Spoon the parsnip scallion creme potato into a star tipped pastry bag and keep it warm on a stove top.
     Buffalo Salisbury Steak and Roasted Shallot Recipe:  Peel a whole shallot.
     Brush the shallot with vegetable oil.
     Roast the shallot on a pan in a 350 degree oven till it is caramelized to a medium brown color.
     Set the roasted shallot aside. 
     Form a round 6 to8 ounce Salisbury Steak shape with ground buffalo meat using a ring mold. 
     Heat a saute pan over medium high heat.
     Add 2 pats of unsalted butter and a small splash of olive oil.
     Add 1 whole garlic clove.
     Add 6 fluted mushrooms.
     Place the Buffalo salisbury Steak in the pan.
     Sear the Buffalo Salisbury Steak in the hot pan on both sides.
     Cook the Buffalo Salisbury Steak till it is medium rare. 
     Remove the steak with a spatula and set it aside. 
     Deglaze the pan with dry white wine. 
     Remove the fluted mushrooms and set them aside. 
     Reduce the wine by half.
     Add a generous splash of the glace viande. 
     Add a pinch of sea salt and white pepper. 
     Reduce till the glace viande sauce coats the back of a spoon.
     Remove the pan from the heat. 
     Whisk in 2 pats of unsalted butter finish the glace viande. 
     Strain the sauce through a fine sieve into a small bowl.
     Presentation:  Use a ring mold as a form when piping the Parsnip Scallion Creme Potato on the center of a plate. 
     Set the Buffalo Salisbury Steak on top of the potato. 
     Set the roasted shallot on the center of the ground buffalo steak. 
     Surround the steak with six blanched buttered green beans.
     Place the six cooked fluted mushroom caps between the green beans.
     Generously spoon the glace de viande over and around the Buffalo Salisbury Steak.
     This is the epitome of Salisbury steak evolution!  The flavors of the parsnips are so great with potato and scallion.  The Buffalo Salisbury Steak is medium rare, juicy and full of great wild west flavor.  The Glace Viande is so very rich and satisfying.  The roasted shallot is nice with the steak and glace flavors.  This is an exceptionally nice comfortable haute presentation with the accompaniment of the fluted mushrooms.  Buffalo is a very fine choice of meat for a Salisbury steak.  I love this recipe!  I went haute "tacky" with the choice of wine.  French Bicyclette Rose' is a light blush wine that is perfect "tacky" choice for this entree.  Yummy!  ...  Shawna

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