Saturday, November 13, 2010

Veau du Boucherie au Poire Estrogon Norman

Delicious!  Butcher Shop Veal Shoulder Steak with a Pear, Tarragon Sauce Norman.
     Veal shoulder blade steaks are a very cheap cut of veal.  There are some tough sections on a blade steak as well as a thick fat layer and the bone.  Simmering the veal in the sauce helps to keep this steak tender.
     The sauce is similar to a Normandy apple and mushroom cream sauce.  Pears and mushrooms create a very nice veal sauce together.  Tarragon gives this sauce very nice complimentary accent of flavor.
     Recipe:  Dredge a veal shoulder blade steak lightly in flour.
     Heat a couple of pats of unsalted butter and a splash of olive oil in a saute pan over medium high heat.
     Add the floured veal steak to the hot pan.
     Season the veal steak with sea salt and white pepper.
     Cook both sides of the veal steak.  Flip it often so it cooks evenly.
     When the veal steak is cooked to a golden brown color, remove the veal from the pan and drain off the excess grease.
     Add a couple of unsalted butter pats to the hot pan.
     Add a chopped shallot.
     Add a few mushroom caps that are cut into small wedge shapes.
     Add a few peeled and seeded pear slices.
     Saute till the mushrooms and pear slices are cooked al dente.
     Add a small squeeze of lemon juice.
     Add a splash of dry white wine.
     Add a generous pinch of tarragon leaf.
     Add sea salt and white pepper.
     Reduce the sauce a little bit.
     Add a generous splash of cream.
     Stir the sauce and let the cream boil.
     Return the veal steak to the sauce but don't flip the veal in the sauce.
     Just let the veal steak cook on top of the simmering sauce.
     When the sauce cooks to a light medium consistency, remove the veal steak from the pan and place it on a plate.
     Reduce the sauce till it becomes a light medium thickness.
     Spoon the sauce over the veal.
     Serve with buttered bliss potato and sauteed zucchini slices.
     Garnish with a parsley sprig.
     The flavor combination of this sauce is incredible with veal!  This is a very rich tasting sauce.  Pears and mushrooms go so well together.  The lightly browned veal steak has plenty of flavor on its own.  Veal shoulder steak looks like a large plate of food, but there is about 40% bone, flat and tendon on each steak.  The bone and fat does add to the flavor of the veal when cooking.  This is a very affordable veal entree that tastes like a million!  Yum!  ...   Shawna

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