Sunday, November 14, 2010

Spezzatino di Vitello e Risi Piselli

Italian veal stew!  There are so many different spezzatino recipes from regions and families in Italy.  This spezzatino recipe is my favorite.  The flavor of this veal stew is so very Italian!
     Recipe:  Cut some veal leg or shoulder meat into large bite size stewing pieces.  (About 8 ounces.) 
     Dredge the veal in flour. 
     Saute the veal pieces with a splash of olive oil in a large sauce pot over medium high heat. 
     Add a sliced shallot and 3 chopped garlic cloves. 
     Add a few quartered small portabella field mushrooms. 
     Add a thick sliced carrot. 
     When the veal turns to a light brown color add a generous pour of dry white wine. 
     Add a little bit of canned crushed Italian plum tomato.  (Add just enough tomato to flavor the sauce.  Don't add enough to turn the sauce into a red tomato sauce!)   
     Add a few halved black olives. 
     Add a few capers. 
     Add enough rich veal stock to cover the ingredients. 
     Add sea salt and black pepper.
     Add 2 sliced fresh sage leaves.
     Add a bay leaf.
     Add a small handful of chopped Italian parsley. 
     Simmer the stew over medium heat while stirring till the sauce becomes thick. 
     Turn the heat to low heat. 
     Simmer the stew over low heat till the veal becomes very tender. 
     If the stew becomes too thick, add water or more veal stock. 
     Rici Piselli:  Add about a cup of  brown rice to boiling water in a sauce pot. 
     When the rice returns to a boil, turn the temperature to medium low heat. 
     Cover the pot.
     When the rice is done cooking and it becomes tender, add sea salt and black pepper.
     Add a few unsalted butter pats.
     Add a handful of peas. 
     Heat the peas and rice for 1 minute.
     Assembly:  Spoon the rici e piselli onto a plate. 
     Form a circle ring on the border of the plate with the peas and rice. 
     Spoon the veal stew onto the center of the rice ring on the plate. 
     Garnish with an Italian parsley sprig.
     The flavor of this spezzatino is mouth watering!  Delicious!  The wine, sage, capers, shallots and garlic combine to give this recipe a very classic flavor.  It does not take much time for the veal to be stewed tender, so this is a very quick stew.  The mushrooms and carrots add great stewing flavors to the veal.  Rici e Piselli is the best Italian rice recipe to serve with this stew.  Spezzatino is very light compared to many stews.  The traditional use of white wine adds a wonderful light richness to this Italian stew.  Absolutely yummy!  Ciao Baby! ...  Shawna

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Shawna said...

This is one of the old versions of my Spezzatino di Vitello recipe that I wrote a few years ago..... Those were photographs that I shot too.... I have since edited most of the recipes that you copied and pasted to your site, so the recipes of mine that you copied and pasted to your site are out of date.
Maybe instead, you should copy and paste a link for my recipes, instead of copying and pasting my recipes. This way the most current edition will be available.
Besides, I do make my income from the advertisers on my page. I will check on whether copyright laws apply to copying and pasting of published material. I prefer that all references from other web sites to my recipes be posted as hyper links.

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