Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shrimp Kabob Salad with Sumac Berry Yogurt Dressing and Pomegranate

All I can say is, be prepared for some great flavors that are in this Mediterranean recipe! 
     This salad style is of Greek, Turkish, Arabic or Persian origin, when you consider the ingredients.  There is fantastic cooking and great chefs in all middle eastern regions. 
     Sumac berry is a great spice!  Tangy tart and a fruty red wine flavor is a good description of how sumac berry tastes.
     Shrimp Kabob:  Assemble a kabob with tail on shelled shrimp, green bell pepper and onion. 
     Brush the kabob with garlic infused olive oil.  (Gently simmer chopped garlic and olive oil together till the oil becomes garlic flavored.) 
     Squeeze some lemon juice over the kabob. 
     Sprinkle a couple pinches of oregano over the kabob.
     Season the kabob with sea salt and black pepper.
     Let the kabob marinate for 20 minutes in a refrigerator. 
     Salad Plate Set Up:  Make a mound of mixed lettuce on the center of a plate. 
     Place a few red bell pepper strips and green bell pepper strips on top of the lettuce. 
     Place a ring of red and white seedless grapes that are cut in half around the lettuce. 
     Sprinkle pomegranate fruit inside the grape ring around the lettuce, inside the ring of grapes. 
     Sumac Berry Yogurt Dressing:  Place 3 dollops of goats milk yogurt into a mixing bowl.
     Add a small squeeze of lemon juice. 
     Add 1/3 tablespoon of ground dried sumac berry.
     Stir the ingredients together.
     Thin the dressing with a few drops of water, till it becomes a thisk heavy cream consistency.
     Recipe:  Broil or grill the shrimp kabob, without letting the kabob caramelize at all. 
     This only takes about 4-5 minutes.  (A burnt, singed or browned flavor on the kabob does not improve the light flavors of this salad.) 
     Spoon the sumac yogurt dressing lightly over the lettuce and then spoon the dressing over the pomegranate fruit on the plate. 
     Place the shrimp kabob on top of the lettuce. 
     The ingredients and flavors in this entree are common in the eastern mediterranean region.  The sharpness of the goats milk yogurt is very refreshing along with the sumac berry flavor.  The kabob flavors are complimentary to the dressing.  This salad has great flavor and eye appeal!  ...  Shawna

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