Thursday, November 18, 2010

Parma Prosciutto e Melone

Savory, traditional and refreshing!  This is one of my favorite Italian appetizers.  I can be satisfied having only this simple dish for dinner.
     First of all, there is only one place where a true, government certified, quality stamped, dry mountain cave cured, Parma Prosciutto Ham comes from.  That is Parma Italy!  There are a few different prosciuttos in Italy, but Parma Prosciutto is the very best!  Parma Prosciutto can be sliced as thin as paper.  The flavor is very mellow and yet very rich.
    Only the rind is trimmed and the fat is part of the serving slice.  When prosciuto is sliced, the individual slices should be separated by parchment or plastic wrap.  Prosciutto slices cling to each other easily and tearing of the slices is certain when separating stuck pieces.  Handle one slice of prosciutto at a time is a golden rule.
     The best ripe melons for prosciutto are honeydew and canary melon.  Cantaloupe is a preferred melon too.  The slices should be about 3/8's of an inch thick and the curved ends should be trimmed.  Wrapping melon slices with prosciutto sounds easy, but it is very time consuming.  One full slice of prosciutto per melon slice is the golden rule.  A thin wrap of prosciutto once or twice around the melon is all that is needed to flavor the melon.
     Free one prosciutto slice at a time and drape the prosciutto over the melon slice to start the wrap.  Wrap the prosciutto tight against the melon slices.  Lay the prosciutto wrapped melon slices around on a serving platter.  Garnish with melon pieces and a lemon slice.
     The flavor is hard to describe and it must be experienced!  Cool refreshing melon with a very mellow, Italian traditional Parma Prosciutto ham flavor is such a simple sounding taste experience.  Simplicity at its best!
     I found a great Italian grocer and deli today.  When I saw the hot iron branded, certified Italian Parma Prosciutto, my jaw dropped!  I have not seen prosciutto of this quality in many years.
     Don't even bother using domestic American, middle of the road, lunch meat brand prosciutto for this recipe.  The cheap American and Canadian prosciuttos are tough as beef jerky and taste like a cheap imitation of the high class Italian Parma Prosciutto.  Its alright to cook with cheap domestic prosciutto, but with melon, the American and Canadian prosciutto is sub standard.  Only the Italian Parma Prosciutto is best with melon.  Delicious!  Ciao Baby! ...  Shawna

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