Saturday, November 13, 2010

Macadamia Bok Choy

This is a nice vegan recipe!  I did a search on the internet for bok choy recipes.  Every recipe on the search seemed to be the same old tired thing.  Garlic bok choy or ginger garlic bok choy.  Boring!  I just had to create a nice new bok choy recipe.  Baby bok choy is very tender when cooked quickly and it has a very gentle flavor.
     Japanese Teriyaki Sauce Recipe:  Reduce a splash of soy sauce, a splash of water and sugar in a sauce pan over medium heat to make a simple Japanese teriyaki sauce.  The teriyaki sauce is finished when it can glaze the back of a spoon.  Set the teriyaki sauce aside.
     Macadamia Bok Choy Recipe:  Heat some vegetable oil and a splash of sesame oil over medium high heat in a saute pan or a wok.
     Add a few pinches each of minced garlic, sliced shallot and ginger.
     Add a few bite size green onion pieces and a few strips of thin julienne sliced red bell pepper.
     Add 4 baby bok choy that are sliced lengthwise into halves or quarters.
     Toss and stir fry the ingredients.
     Add sea salt and white pepper.
     Add a small handful of sliced macadamia nuts.
     When the bok choy starts to wilt, add a splash of dry white wine.
     Reduce the wine slightly and add the teriyaki sauce.
     Toss the ingredients together and cook till the bok choy becomes tender.
     Set the bok choy on a plate and spoon the sauce over the bok choy.
     Serve some steamed rice on the side.
     The flavor of the macadamia nuts infuses with the sauce.  The semi sweet teriyaki sauce is very nice with bok choy.  Shallots are commonly used in asian cooking and they come in several different flavor varieties.  This is a very tasty simple bok choy recipe.  This recipe can be served as an appetizer or as a light meal.  Yum! ...  Shawna

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