Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Linguini Carbonara

     This Italian pasta recipe is the heavy weight champion of the world.  Carbonara packs a heavy cholesterol punch! 
     This recipe was given the name Carbonara during WWII when Italy had an abundant supply of eggs and bacon that was rationed by American troops.  Thats not to say this pasta had not ever been cooked previously by a different name.  Pancetta and Prosciutto are traditionally used instead of bacon to make this pasta.  Egg yokes bind the sauce.  This is a rich pasta for those who work hard in cold harsh weather.  Heavy and delicious!
     Recipe:  Finely chop a handful each of pancetta, prosciutto and onion together. 
     Heat a small splash of olive oil in a saute pan over medium heat. 
     Add 2 cloves of minced garlic. 
     Add the finely copped meat and onion mixture.
     Stir occasionally till the pancetta and onions are caramelized to a light brown color. 
     Add a little splash of chicken stock and deglaze the pan while stirring. 
     Reduce the chicken broth to a glace. 
     Add about a cup of cream. 
     When the cream gets hot enough to boil, add some grated romano cheese while stirring. 
     The sauce should be smooth and reducing slowly at this point. 
     Add some crushed black pepper. 
     Add an egg yoke to the sauce while constantly stirring. 
     Immediately add some al dente cooked linguini pasta.  (The pasta has to be finished quickly after adding the egg yoke.) 
     Quickly toss the pasta and sauce together. 
     Place the pasta on a plate. 
     Spoon any extra sauce on top of the pasta. 
     Sprinkle grated romano cheese, grated hard boiled egg and chopped parsley over the pasta.
     The flavor is so very Italian!  The dry cured pancetta and Parma prosciutto flavors are a natural with garlic, caramelized onion and romano cheese.  The egg yoke binds the sauce to the pasta.  The chopped meats literally stick to the linguini. 
     Some people like a lot of black pepper in this pasta but a small amount is all this pasta needs.  Do not add salt!  The pancetta and prosciutto have the proper amount of salt already. 
     I made this recipe by request for a girl at work who described the Carbonara she had at a franchise chain restaurant.  Yuck!  Franchise chain restaurant Italian food really is terrible when compared to what real Italian cooking is like. 
     This carbonara recipe has the sauce traditionally clinging to the pasta and the pasta is not swimming in the sauce.  Carbonara is a delicious pasta!  A French Moulin De Gassac-Le Mazet 2002 is a very good choice of wine to go with this pasta.  ...  Shawna

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