Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Honeydew Melon with Sumac Berry Mint Yogurt Sauce

This is a very refreshing summer fruit platter!  The flavors of the yogurt sauce are middle eastern in origin.

     Honeydew Melon:  Place some peeled and seeded ripe honeydew melon slices around on a plate.
     Sumac Berry Mint Yogurt Dressing:  Place a couple of dollops of Greek goats milk yogurt into a small mixing bowl.
     Add a small squeeze of lemon juice.
     Add a spoonful of honey.
     Add a generous sprinkle of dried sumac berry spice.  (Dried sumac berry is available in Arabic and Persian markets.) 
     Add a few finely minced fresh mint leaves.
     Add small pinch of sea salt and black pepper. 
     If the yogurt sauce is too thick, then thin it with goats milk or cows milk.
     Spoon the sauce over the honeydew slices. 
     Garnish the melon with a large sprig of mint leaves. 
     Cool refreshing mint, tangy berry flavors of sumac berry, goats milk yogurt, lemon and just a touch of sweet honey is the description and flavor!  Sumac berry is a common Turkish and Persian spice.  A tart red wine berry flavor is a good description of sumac berry's flavor.  If you make this sauce a few hours ahead of time, the sauce will become a red beet color from the sumac berries.  The honey dew is perfect with this easy dressing.  Deliciously cool and refreshing!  ...  Shawna

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