Monday, November 15, 2010

Grilled Yellowfin Tuna, Roasted Red Pepper, Escarole, Bermuda Onion and Muenster Cheese Sandwich

This is a quick and delicious grilled sandwich!
     Recipe:  Slice some muenster cheese and place it on two rye bread slices. 
     Heat a griddle or large saute pan over medium heat. 
     Add a few pats of unsalted butter to the hot pan. 
     Braise two escarole leaves in the hot butter till they are wilted. 
     Place the wilted escarole on the cheese on one of the slices of bread. 
     Grill two Bermuda Onion slices in the hot butter and place them on the escarole. 
     Grill some peeled roasted red bell pepper strips. 
     Place the pepper strips on top of the onions. 
     Grill a thin slice of yellowfin tuna steak till it is cooked rare. 
     Place the tuna on top of the peppers. 
     Wipe the hot pan clean with a dry towel. 
     Melt a couple of unsalted butter pats in the pan.
     Place the two sandwich halves in the pan. 
     Grill the sandwich halves till the rye bread is toasted and the cheese has melted. 
     Place the plain half of the sandwich on top of the the tuna half of the sandwich. 
     Set the sandwich on a cutting board and cut it in half. 
     Set the grilled sandwich halves on a plate. 
     Garnish the plate with escarole, sliced carambola and sliced dill pickles.
     The yellowfin tuna is perfect when cooked rare to medium rare on this sandwich.  The escarole, onions and roasted peppers add a great roasted garden vegetable flavor to this sandwich.  Mild munster cheese is nice with tuna and peppers.  The sliced carambola garnish is very refreshing.  This is a nice grilled sandwich for a chilly fall day.  Yum! ...  Shawna

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