Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fajitas de Camarones

Fajitas are a nice quick appetizer or snack!
     Fajitas were very popular when it was a new restaurant item.  Franchise restaurants can "burn out" any good recipe that they get their hands on with poor quality cooking, over advertising and by "toning down" food for their middle of the road clientele.  Fajitas that are still cooking on a hot metal sizzler plate, are meant to be sat down on a table and eaten quickly by all guests at a table before the sizzler plate cools.  Fajitas are a quick, Mexican stir fry appetizer that are meant to be shared!
     Cold limp fajitas are no fun!  If you do not want to use a hot sizzler plate for the presentation, then you must cook the fajitas till they are at least 3/4's done and then they must immediately be brought to the table while steaming hot.
     If you use a sizzler plate, then cook the fajitas till they are only half way done.  They will finish cooking on the way to the table on the hot sizzler plate.
     Fajita Sauce Recipe:  place a 1/4 cup of soy sauce into a mixing bowl.
     Add splash of rice vinegar.
     Add about 1 cup of lager beer. (White wine can be substituted.)  
     Add 1/4 cup of water.
     Add a chopped garlic clove.
     Add 3 pinches of onion powder.
     Add sea salt and white pepper.
     Add 2 pinches of crushed dried red pepper.
     Add 3 pinches of cumin.
     Stir the ingredients together.
     Set the thin fajita sauce aside for 20 minutes, till the flavors meld.
     Fajita sauce will not taste good, till it is added to the hot vegetables and meat in the sizzler pan.
     Fajitas Recipe:  Cut 2 handfuls each of these vegetables into 3/8 inch wide strips:  onion, red bell pepper and green bell pepper. 
     Set the fajita vegetables into a bowl. 
     Add a slice green onion.
     Add a sliced jalapeno pepper. 
     Pluck about 10 leaves of fresh cilantro and set them aside. 
     Peel and 10 to 15 medium size shrimp and set them aside.
     Heat a saute pan over high heat. 
     (If you plan to use a hot sizzler plate for the presentation, then heat the sizzler on a separate burner.) 
     Add a splash of vegetable oil to the hot saute pan. 
     Add the shrimp and stir fry till partially cooked. 
     Add the vegetables and stir fry. 
     Add the cilantro leaves.
     Sizzler Plate Method:  Stir fry till the fajitas are half way done cooking, if you plan to use a sizzler plate. 
     Set the fajitas on the sizzler plate and pour the sauce over. 
     The fajitas will sizzle and steam on the way to the table.
     Regular Platter Presentation Method:  If you do not plan to use a sizzler plate, then stir fry the fajitas till 3/4's done. 
     Add the fajita sauce to the hot fajita pan. 
     Allow the sauce to steam rapidly! 
     Immediately put the hot steaming fajitas on a plate and carry them to the table.
     Presentation:  Serve with warm flour tortillas. 
     Garnish with lime slices and a cilantro sprig.
     Hot steaming fresh cooked shrimp fajitas!  Its fun to eat fajitas!  Everyone at the table "dives in" at one time to put the fajitas on a tortilla and chow down!  The aroma of fajitas does turn heads in a restaurant dining room when a hot sizzler plate is being carried to a table!  Don't over sauce the fajitas or the crisp stir fry texture will become a limp soup.
     I learned this recipe from some great cooks from Monterey, Mexico that I worked with a few years ago.  We served thousands of fajitas and we were cooking in a small, fun, seafood restaurant and bar on the bay of the Gulf Of Mexico and not at a franchise restaurant!  We served fajitas the way they were meant to be served to fun people.  Sizzling yum! ... Shawna

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