Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chocolate Buffalo Steak Chili

This chili is amazing!  The meat in this chili is Buffalo (American Bison). 
     The blend of chili peppers and the unsweetened chocolate is marquis Mexican style fine cooking.  The Aztecs loved gourmet cooking.  Exotic flavor combinations that can not even be imagined were the magic of Aztec cuisine.  Extensive canal systems, exotic gardens, extensive farming, fishing and wild game supported an ancient western gourmet culture.
     Aztecs also incorporated many enthobotanicals into their cuisine.  One mild enthobotanical Aztecs use in cooking is cocoa.  Cocao beans were traded like currency by the Mayans.  Cocoa is a mild stimulant and euphoriant.  Many modern Azteca style mole sauces are cocoa based. 
     An immense quantity of written Aztec cooking literature has been thankfully preserved over the years.  Modern Aztecs still do some cooking with traditional methods and ingredients.  Chili peppers are a major part of Azteca cuisine like nearly all Mexican native cuisine.  All chili peppers are originally native to Central America, South America and the Caribbean Islands.  Edible tomatoes are native to the Americas too.  If you want to step back in time to see the Americas as they were before Colombus, then this chili recipe is perfect for you.  This recipe is hot and spicy, but at a medium hot level.
     Chocolate Buffalo Steak Chili Recipe:  Remove the stems and seeds from these dried chile peppers:
     - 4 Chile Guajillo
     - 2 Ancho Chiles
     - 3 Chile Pasilla
     - 2 Chile Morita or 1 large Chipotle Chile
     - 1 small handful of Chile Pequin
     Chop the dried chiles into small pieces.
     Place the chopped dried chili peppers in a sauce pot with 2 cups of water.
     Simmer the chili peppers over low heat to reconstitute them.
     Add 2 ounces of chopped canned chipotle chile en adobo.
     Add 4 tablespoons of ground ancho chili pepper.
     Add 2 chopped red habanero peppers.
     Add 1 small spoonful of cayenne pepper.
     Add 2 chopped green jalapeno peppers to the simmering dried chili peppers.
     Let the chili pepper mixture simmer slowly.
     Heat a sauce pot over medium heat.
     Add a splash of olive oil.
     Add 3 handful of chopp onions.
     Add 1 handful of mixture of chopped green bell pepper and chopped red bell pepper.
     Add 6 cloves of chopped garlic.
     Cut 18 ounces of American bison meat into small bite size cube shaped pieces.  (Sirloin strip steak section of American bison is best for this recipe.)   
     When the onions turn clear in color, add the bite size pieces buffalo steak meat.
     Stir and sizzle the buffalo meat till it is lightly browned.
     Add 3 tablespoons of cumin.
     Add sea salt and black pepper.
     Add 2 to 3 pinches of white pepper.
     Add 2 pinches of Mexican oregano.
     Add 2 pinches of reguar oregano.
     Allow the herbs and spices to cook for 1 minute with the hot oil in the pan, so the flavors infuse.
     Add a little sprinkle of masa harina at a time to buffalo steak mixture while stirring to soak up the excess grease in the pot.
     Add enough beef stock to cover the meat mixture. 
     Stir as the chili mixture heats, till a thickened sauce is formed.
     Add 2 chopped fresh plum tomatoes.
     Add the dried chili pepper mixture and the chile mixture broth from the other pot.
     Raise the temperature to medium high heat.
     Bring the buffalo chili to a boil while stirring.
     Reduce the temperature to medium/medium low heat.     
     Add about 2 ounces of unsweetened dark chocolate. 
     Stir the buffalo chili till the chocolate melts into the sauce.
     Lower the temperature to low/medium low heat.
     Allow the chili to simmer slowly till the meat becomes tender and the sauce becomes reduced to a medium thin consistency.  The chili should be thick with the sauce and not thin or soupy.
     (Do not stew buffalo meat for too much time, because the meat is very lean and it may tend to shred.)
     Add about 1 cup of rinsed cooked or canned pink beans to the buffalo chili.  (Gourmet beans like pink beans were a major part of Aztec cooking.  Pink beans are also called frijoles pinquito.)   
     Spoon the chocolate buffalo chili into a serving bowl. 
     Serve with toasted corn tortillas or soft steamed corn tortillas on the side.
     The flavor of this chili comes from the blend of very mild to hot chili peppers.  The spicy chili heat comes on slowly but comfortably while releasing a strong wave of endorphins that are also triggered by the chocolate.  This chocolate buffalo steak chili can and has won many chili cook-off competitions!  The buffalo meat is perfect as a chili meat.  Buffalo is lean, it has a great hearty flavor and it is organic.  Buffalo is a very old traditional Native American stewing meat.  The mild amount of chocolate flavor adds a depth to this chili that is superb!  This is one of the greatest chili recipes of all!  Old west ingredients make the flavor of this chili recipe very special.  Delicious!  ...  Shawna

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