Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blanc ragout de veau au champignon

Bon appetit!  This white ragout is so very delicious!  The savory flavor of mixed wild mushrooms is the main flavor of this lovely French white stew.
     Recipe:  Heat a sauce pot over medium heat.
     Add 4 pats of unsalted butter.
     Add 1 minced garlic clove.
     Add 1 small minced shallot.
     When the shallots turn clear colored, add about 6 to 8 ounces of veal stewing meat that is cut into bite size pieces. 
     Saute till the veal is cooked medium rare and south it has a few lightly caramelized highlights.
     Add just enough flour to soak up the excess grease in the pan while stirring constantly.
     Stir thoroughly to create a white pan roux. 
     Let the roux cook while stirring, till a hint of hazelnut aroma develops.
     Add a splash of dry white wine while stirring. 
     Add 3/4 cup of light white veal broth while stirring.
     Add a handful of peeled parsnip sections. 
     Add a handful of pearl onions. 
     Add a few large pieces of peeled turnip.
     Add a mixture of whole small mushrooms and large mushrooms that are cut in half.  (The mixture of mushrooms for this ragout is oyster mushrooms, cepe mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms.  You can use any mix of fresh or dried wild mushrooms you may prefer.  For dried mushrooms, soak the mushrooms in water till they are reconstituted.)
     Add a small squeeze of lemon.
     Add about 3/4 cup of cream to the stew.
     Add a bay leaf.
     Add a pinch of thyme.
     Add sea salt and white pepper.
     Reduce the temperature to medium low heat.
     Simmer uncovered for thirty minutes. 
     Stir occasionally. 
     The sauce should be reduced to a light medium consistency.  (Add a splash of white veal stock if the stew becomes too thick.)
     Remove the bay leaf. 
     Spoon the stew into a casserole dish and set the dish on a serving platter.
     Serve with a slice of French bread that is brushed with olive oil and grilled. 
     Garnish with parsley sprigs.
     This is a wonderful rich flavored winter stew that is actually not too "heavy" for a warm day.  The flavors of oyster mushroom, cepe and shiitake are a great combination for this white ragout.  The tender veal is always great with the flavor of mushrooms.  The turnip and parsnip flavors add to the depth of this stew.  Pearl onions are a classic ingredient for a blanc ragout.  The thyme is all the seasoning you need for a mushroom flavored stew like this one. 
     Ragout is traditionally served with French bread.  The virgin olive oil grilled baguette slice is a nice touch with this blanc ragout.  This elegant and great tasting classic white ragout of veal and mushrooms is a very appealing entree on a chilly day.  Yum! ... Shawna

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