Sunday, November 14, 2010

Asparagus, Chicken and Buckwheat Noodles with an Avocado Creme

I used to cook this recipe in a caribbean restaurant in a tropical resort.  The chef was from Barbados.  The saute cook who put this recipe on the menu was Sioux Native American.  The great flavors of Yucatan cooking are in this pasta.  We had many strange dishes on our menu that would be considered to be trendy fusion caribe cuisine.  The flavor of this pasta is very light and the avocado blends into the cream sauce as it cooks.  If you like avocado, then this pasta is for you!
     Recipe:  Cut a chicken breast into bite size slices. 
     Saute the bite size chicken breast slices with olive oil in a saute pan over medium high heat.
     When the chicken is fully cooked, remove it from the pan and set it aside.
     Add a small handful of chopped bermuda onion.
     Add a chopped garlic clove.
     Add a sliced green onion.
     Add a few sliced red bell pepper strips.
     Saute till the vegetables are al dente.
     Add a few sliced tender asparagus stalks and asparagus tips.
     Saute for one minute.
     Add a splash of dry white wine.
     Add a squeeze of lime juice.
     Add a small splash of chicken stock.
     Add sea salt and cracked black pepper.
     Add a pinch of cumin.
     Add a pinch of coriander.
     Add a pinch of oregano.
     Add a pinch of crushed red pepper.
     Add some thin sliced half of a ripe avocado.
     Add a splash of cream.
     When the sauce starts to reduce, add some grated parmesan cheese while gently stirring.
     Reduce the sauce to a light medium consistency.  (Some of the avocado will melt into the sauce and a few pieces of avocado will stay intact.)
     Add some al dente cooked Chinese buckwheat vermicelli noodles.
     Toss the noodles and sauce together.
     Set the pasta on a plate and sprinkle thin sliced green onion on top of the pasta.
    This pasta has a very nicely spiced avocado flavor!  The cumin and coriander are the main spices with the bold flavor of cracked black pepper.  The soft avocado easily blends into the cream sauce.  Chinese buckwheat noodles are a very nice quality healthy pasta.  They are different than somen and Korean buckwheat noodles.  This pasta is excellent with a nice chardonnay wine.  Delicious!  ... Shawna

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