Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Applejack Pecan Crusted Turkey Filet

This recipe is simply fantastic! 
      Applejack originated in early colonial American times.  Applejack is a potent liquor distilled from hard cider.  The apple flavor in Applejack is similar to the flavor of Calvados Apple Brandy. 
      In colonial times, Applejack was used as currency.  I can imagine what America would be like today if we all got paid with Applejack instead of money!  LOL 
      Pecan breaded turkey filet with Applejack is a very colonial American flavored entree. 
      Recipe:  Cut a turkey breast off of the bone. 
      Remove the skin. 
      Either slice a cutlet from the breast meat at a forty five degree angle to the grain of the meat or pull the "tender loin" off and butterfly cut the tenderloin meat so it cooks evenly. 
      The turkey slice should be about a half of an inch thick and should be a 6 to 8 ounce portion. 
      Fine chop some pecans and mix them with some fine bread crumbs. 
      Dredge the turkey filet in flour. 
      Dredge the turkey in egg wash. 
      Dredge the turkey in the pecan breading mix. 
      Heat some vegetable oil and unsalted butter over medium/medium high heat in a saute pan. 
      Pan fry the pecan breaded turkey filet on both sides till the breading turns a light golden brown color.  (Take care not to damage the pecan breading.  Use a spatula to flip the turkey.) 
      Remove the turkey from the pan and set it aside. 
      The turkey should be slightly more than halfway cooked at this point. 
      Wipe or rinse the saute pan and return the pan to the heat. 
      Add a little bit of unsalted butter. 
      Add some fine chopped shallot. 
      Saute the chopped shallot till it turns clear. 
      Add some red apple slices. 
      Saute till the apples get a little caramelized color, then add a very generous pour of Applejack liquor. 
      Reduce the sauce slightly. 
      Return the half cooked turkey to the sauce in the pan.  (Don't flip the turkey in the sauce.  Leave the unsauced top half dry. 
      Place the pan in a 350 degree oven.  When the pecan breading turns to a light brown color and the sauce is reduced, then the turkey is fully cooked.  (About 5 to 10 minutes of baking time.) 
      Set the pecan breaded turkey filet on a plate. 
      Return the pan with the sauce to the stove top. 
     Add a fresh splash of Applejack.
     Add a few thyme leaves, a little bit of brown sugar, sea salt and white pepper. 
     Reduce the sauce over medium high heat till is is like a light glaze. 
     Stir in a pat of plugra butter.  (Plugra is slow churned and rich like old fashioned butter.) 
     Place the sauced apple slices over the turkey filet. 
     Spoon the Applejack sauce over the apple slices and turkey. 
     Serve with boiled parsley black pepper potato, buttered brussel sprouts and a sauteed fluted mushroom cap. 
     The flavor of this pecan breaded turkey filet with the Applejack butter sauce is out of this world!  There is no need to season pecan breading.  The flavor of the pecans are easily overwhelmed by salt and pepper.  The sliced apples add a very nice touch to this entree.  This recipe can be cooked for several people and sat at the table on a large serving platter for a nice Thanksgiving holiday dinner.  This Applejack Pecan Turkey Filet is a special treat!  Delicious!  ...  Shawna        

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