Saturday, November 13, 2010

Apple Chicken Salad with Pecans and Persimmon Vinaegrette

This fine salad is nice, light and yummy!  The flavors in this salad are wonderful together.  I wanted to make a different kind of salad that is new and not tired.  What I wanted to create was a simple elegant salad that would go well with a fresh persimmon vinaegrette.  I created a winner!  Yum!  
     Persimmon Vinaegrette Recipe:  Boil a whole persimmon in water till it becomes soft.  
     Remove the persimmon from the water and let it cool.  
     Peel the persimmon.  
     Press the persimmon fruit through a fine sieve to create a fine puree.  
     Mix these ingredients in a mixing bowl:  a splash of rice wine vinegar, a splash of olive oil, a pinch of sea salt, a pinch of white pepper, a little bit of minced ginger and a pinch of allspice. 
     Stir the ingredients together to form a simple vinaegrette.  
     Stir the persimmon puree into the vinaegrette to create the salad dressing.  
     Salad Recipe:  Saute a few chicken tenders in olive oil over medium heat.  
     Season the chicken with sea salt and black pepper.  
     When the chicken tenders are fully cooked, set them on a cutting board and slice the tenders into small bite size pieces.  
     Place the chicken tenders in a mixing bowl.  
     Add a couple handfuls of small chopped romaine lettuce hearts.
     Add a little bit of diced roasted pimiento.
     Add a little bit of thin julienne sliced onion.
     Add some thin slices of apple.  
     Add a generous splash of the persimmon vinaegrette and toss the salad.  
     Set a few small romaine heart leaves in a star pattern on a plate.  
     Set the tossed salad on the middle of the plate.  
     Spoon a little bit more of the persimmon vinaegrette on and around the salad.  
     Sprinkle some toasted chopped pecans over the salad.  
      The flavor of persimmon is fresh and light.  The dressing's flavor does not overpower the salad.  Crisp apple slices and chicken go so well with the persimmon dressing.  The hint of allspice is nice with persimmon.  The pecans add some crunch and a complimentary flavor for the persimmon.  I really like this new salad's flavors.  Yum!  ...  Shawna

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