Monday, December 26, 2011

Raw Seafood Starter

I am spending my holidays in Italy, on the Adriatic sea cost. Here you can get the best seafood of the
region.... I am trying some starters for the New Year's eve dinner... here is a suggestion for you if you manage to get fresh seafood in your region... this is the best... simple and easy!

Serving 2
8 Oysters
4 "Fasolari" or small scallops (coquilles Saint Jacques)
8 Venus clams (Tartufi di mare)
4 Lemons
Pepper to taste

Carefully open the seafood shells and place them on a serving plate, cut the lemon in quarters, cut the quarters in half. place them on the serving plate, sprinkle some pepper on the top of the opened seafood. Eat each shell with lemon juice..... Buon Appetito!

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