Friday, August 5, 2011

my food blog

My food blog has been an unfortunate casualty of school (as evidenced by the graph below).

I've never written much about my personal life on this blog. Some may argue that goes against the very idea of a personal blog but I am a private person. I decided early on that I wanted to keep my medicine world going-ons separate from this blog. I didn't write about seeing open heart surgeries and I never wanted to complain about 30 hour days (don't worry, Steven can attest that I vent enough in person).

This blog is about food and the food should speak for itself.

It was extremely important to me that I continue cooking regardless of how busy I became. Even though I've written a whopping 4 posts in the last year, I have hundreds of photos I snapped in hopes of eventually getting to writing a post (check out the new recipe graveyard) . So I think this blog has been neglected long enough and it's time for a revamp.

a picture of Mr. Bun for fun
Mr. Bun

(or Peter Francis Bunnington the IV, Esquire)

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